Henry "Hank" Jacobs

Rough and tumble security officer



Tall and well muscled, Hank Jacobs is the quintessential “big” man (6’4" and just over 280lbs). It’s easy to tell that he is at least of mixed heritage, as he has facial features and body traits representative of multiple ethnicities. He is usually found in a snug fitting dark colored t-shirt and either black or urban camo colored fatigue pants, and always with at least two visible hand guns on his person. A firm believer in personal hygiene and good grooming habits, he is always clean shaven (head and face) with the exception of a well-trimmed mustache and goatee. He has two very intricate tattoos covering his upper arms and shoulders: an extensive oriental dragon rising up his right arm and over his shoulder, an extensive oriental tiger rising up his left arm and over his shoulder, their heads meeting at the middle of his back.


Henry "Hank" Jacobs

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