Maisie Alveres

The Shy Ship Rat Engineer


Maisie.jpgShort and slight of build, Maisie is usually found covered in sweat: either the ship’s or her own. Self-educated by a combination of hands-on learning, an eclectic set of education modules, and her penchant for eavesdropping, Maisie also has an unusual set of skills. While she’s amazing at working with technology, she is also competent in a broad set of other areas.

What Maisie cannot do is relate to people. She is shy and withdrawn and is terrible at dealing with new people and things.


Maisie has been on-board the Blue Suede for more than 4 years now. She’s also the reason nearly every Engineer has quit. This bushy red-haired ship rat is constantly taking things apart and putting them back together in what she considers to be “better” condition. It remains a mystery to all why the Captain has put up with her antics, and why he even allowed this long-term child passenger.

Until recently, Maisie’s “official” cabin was the smallest passenger berth. Though, she was more frequently found reading or sleeping in the escape pods, air locks, and bulkheads. Nobody knows this ship better than her. And now that she’s 18 and officially the ship’s engineer, she is finally putting that knowledge to constructive use.

It is barely a secret that Maisie is related to Teegan “Jia Kinedy” Khalil. Despite their wildly different builds and hair, their facial features are very similar.

Maisie Alveres

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