Shakespeare (Ship's Cat)

Grumpy and keeps to himself


Shakespeare is a Axiom Corp Artificial Gravity Insensitive Personal Feline. He is a Spices 2516 model, designed for minimal hair release, sadness/depression empathetic detection with advanced purr response. His scent and distributed products have been modified to have a more pleasant aroma, and his digestion is not compromised eating by human specific foods. Boundaries can be created for him by using his designated boundary chemical scent, for which he is genetically programmed to avoid (these are sold separately – and a long term animal safe version is available to safeguard normal prey animals).

Spices 2516 model has enhanced low light vision, and heighten endurance for extended running events., making it an excellent vermin control unit.


Recently joined the renamed ship “Eventide”

Shakespeare (Ship's Cat)

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